Teenage Pamphlet – What Love Means

This extract is from a Family Education Trust leaflet “What is Love”? The trust aims to promote more traditional family values.
Source: Family Education Trust (“What is love?”) 
True love runs much deeper than desire to stay together “as long as we feel this way”. Love doesn’t keep its options open. Where love is true, there will be commitment, faithfulness, perseverance and patience.


True love is not about getting, but giving. When you love someone, you won’t be asking, “What’s in it for me?” but “What is best for the one I love?” There is all the difference in the world between true love and the selfish pursuit of short-term romance. Where there is no commitment, there is always the possibility that the other person may go away and seek intimacy somewhere else. When people try to separate romance and commitment it often ends in tears … it is therefore unwise to forge an exclusive relationship with someone of the opposite sex until you are ready to think in terms of committing yourself to them for life.


How far does this view correspond to the definition of agape love?
Do you agree with the conclusion?
What assumptions is it based on?
Compare the Family Education Trust view with the view of Eric Fromm.
In what ways do they differ?







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