“One of the most telling objections against situationism is that it is a fundamentally and incurably individualistic type of ethic.” Paul Ramsey is correct in his warning that `no social morality ever was founded or ever will be founded, upon a situational ethic.’  … As well as suffering from individualism, radical situational ethics suffers from the allied vice of subjectivism. The situationist seems to be compelled by the theories to assume an extraordinary degree of moral sensitivity and perceptiveness in those who are expected to read the demands of the situation. ” The situationist is less than realistic in the extent to which he is willing to recognize the weakness of human nature and the fact that even our conscience can be distorted.” John Macquarrie, Three Issues in Ethics, pp33-35

William Barclay argues:

“If we insist that in every situation every man must make his own decision, then first of all we must make man morally and lovingly fit to take that decision; otherwise we need the compulsion of law to make him do it” Ethics in a Permissive Society, p 81.







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