Get More Help …

Get more help …
Here are some web resources to help you with your study.
For an introductory lesson, listen to a lecture about Abu Ghraib prison and how good people “turn evil”:
Combine the above lecture with  some great quotes on conscience to set you thinking.

An introductory handout, based more on religious views.

An excellent, more advanced article discussing Kant and conscience by Professor Allen Wood of Stanford University, in the context of a threefold classification (conscience as theories of moral knowledge, motivation and reflection)

The Catholic catechism on conscience is deeply influenced by Aquinas.

Do soldiers have a conscience?  Former Treasury secretary Paul Roberts inveighs against the US use of torture.T

Here are some great quotes on conscience to set you thinking.

If you’re thinking of becoming a lawyer, what do you make of the US Supreme Court‘s “Shock the conscience” test of illegality? 







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