Genetic engineering and embryo research

Past Questions Genetic Engineering and Embryo Research ( copyright, OCR board)Genetic engineering and embryo research is part of the Applied Ethics element of the AS syllabus. This means it can stand alone as a question, as in this example  from June 2008, or be linked to a major Ethical Theory (where relativism, Kant, Natural Law and Utilitarianism form part of AS and Virtue Ethics and Christian Ethics part of A2).
June 2008 a) Explain the ethical issues surrounding the concept of personhood. (25) b) “Embryos are persons.” Discuss (10)Jan 2010 a) Explain the strengths of Natural Law theory. (25) b) To what extent could a follwoer of Natural Law accept embryo research? (10) G572 Q3June 2010 a) Explain how a follower of Kantian ethics might approach issues surrounding the right to a child. (25) b) “The right to a child is an absolute right”. Discuss (10) G572 Q3

May 2011 a) Explain the differences between the Hypothetical and Categorical Imperatives. (25) b) How useful is Kant’s theory when considering embryo research? (10) G572 Q4

Jan 2012 a) Explain the main ethical principles of the religion you have studied with regard to genetic engineering. (25) b) “Religious ethics prevents progress in genetic engineering.” Discuss (10) G572 Q3







Past Questions

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