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Euthanasia Religious tolerance website has an excellent and comprehensive survey of the ethical issues and practices in different countries

A case study on the Nazi euthanasia programme from the Christian medical Fellowship, well-researched with plenty of detail.

A library of relevant articles from the same website.

Also twelve arguments against euthanasia
Arguments for euthanasia

The 1974 Methodist statement on euthanasia (against) can be found here (good discussion of Christian basis).

The Church of England view is succinctly expressed here (with useful additonal weblinks).


Level 2 euthanasia (Bristol University undergraduate course):

Euthanasia involves the intentional termination of a person’s life for the sake of that person (eg to relieve intolerable suffering in the face of an incurable disease).

The two main questions concern whether euthanasia is ever morally permissible and if so in what instances it is permissible. Two important distinctions are frequently brought to bear on the debate. First is that between voluntary, non-voluntary, and involuntary euthanasia (respectively whether the person has chosen, is incapable of choosing, or has not chosen euthanasia).

Most proponents of euthanasia restrict themselves to a defence of voluntary and sometimes non-voluntary euthanasia. The other distinction concerns that between active and passive euthanasia. This latter distinction connects up with the status of acts versus omissions and the doctrine of the double effect (see above).

  • Those who argue in favour of euthanasia do so on the grounds that it respects the wishes of the agent and/or prevents human suffering.
  • Those who argue against it do so on the grounds that human life is sacred and/or that to allow euthanasia would devalue human life and possibly create a slippery slope leading to unjustifiable abuses.

Beauchamp T (ed.) – Intending Death: The Ethics of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Rachels, J – ‘Active and Passive Euthanasia’ in B. Steinbock (ed.), Killing and Letting Die

Rachels J – The End of Life: Euthanasia and Morality

Singer, P – Rethinking Life and Death

Singer, P – Practical Ethics

Steinbock, B (ed) – Killing and Letting Die

Kuhse, H – The Sanctity of Life Doctrine in Medicine: A Critique

Glover, J – Causing Death and Saving Lives

McGraw Hill have produced a list of online articles they recommend – a great selection







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