Business Ethics

Previous OCR questions:

June 2010
G582 Q2 “Assess the usefulness of Religious Ethics as an ethical approach to business.” (35)
Jan 2011
G582 Q2 “The environment suffers because business has no ethics.” Discuss. (35)

June 2012
G582 Q2 “To what extent are ethical theories helpful when considering ethical business practice?” (35)

Probably the best way to prepare is to take our major ethical theories (Kant, natural law, utilitarianism, relativism, religious ethics) and apply each to some business case studies, remembering also to discuss globalisation and business and the environment (what economists call “negative externalities”).
To help you take a look at the handouts on Kant etc and business, and also a longer handout with some case studies.The case studies can be supplemented with films eg Erin Brokovitch, The Constant Gardener, and an excellent US documentary on Enron (best started at 45 minutes through for reasons that will be clear if you as a teacher watch the whole thing!!).







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