Personhood – Simon Blackburn on the issues arising

Here is a suggested extract (and link to a summary) from Blackburn, S – Ethics: A Very Short Introduction (2003) OUP, pp 54-58″A good first philosophical question to ask might be whether this black and white may be an illusion. It may be the result of a moral lens that imposes its black and white on a landscape of different shades of grey. After all, the biological fact is that foetal development is gradual.The one-cell starting point or zygote is a different kettle of fish from the baby about to be born. But the complexity arrives gradually, hour by hour, day by day … ”

Simon Blackburn explores seven problems in ethics – one of which is the challenge of relativism, summarisedhere. The page references in Ethics: A Very Short Introduction by Simon Blackburn (2003), Oxford University Press pp 54-58(From p54 “A good first philosophical question to ask”  to p58 “The failure to get all the way to a birth in the family is not a death in the family.”)







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