Women’s Rights – Mary Anne Warren

Mary Anne Warren: “Abortion is Morally Permissible”

Here are some headings taken from  Mary Anne Warren’s article from Biomedical Ethics. 4th ed. TA Mappes and D DeGrazia, eds. New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1996, pp. 434-440.

1. On the Definition of “Human”
2. Defining the Moral Community
3. Fetal Development and the Right to Life
4. Potential Personhood and the Right to Life

Here is the full original.

Jane English: “The Moderate Position: Beyond the Personhood Argument”

Can this debate be solved by setting a point at which the foetus becomes a person? English thinks not, and in section I, argues that it is impossible to draw a precise line of personhood. But, in sections II and III, argues that you can settle some issues without deciding the personhood issue.

I. Personhood indefinable [817]
II. Abortion permissible even if foetus a person [820]
III. Not all abortions permissible even if foetus not a person [823]
Conclusions [827]:







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