Moral dilemmas and premature babies

The Ethics of Neonatal Care

Read the article “Inside the unit where babies cling on to life” by Amelia Hill (The Observer, Sunday 27 January 2008) and consider the issues:
Morally should we try to save very premature babies?” and “In one ward we are saving a life, and in the next room, destroying one.”

These paragraphs are of particularly relevant.

“Babies are usually born at 40 weeks and … ”
“Extremely premature babies, those born earlier than 26 weeks’ gestation …”

“Ironically, it is the miracles wrought by doctors such as Costeloe that have laid the foundations … ”

“In situations like these, where should doctors draw the line?”

“The legal position is very grey, but my Hippocratic duty as a doctor is even less clear,” says Dr Shad Hussain … ”

“If Hussain does decide to start treatment … ”

“The futures of extremely premature children as they grow through adolescence and into adulthood are unknown … ”

“Costeloe discovered that four in every five had developed a physical or learning disability linked to their prematurity, and sometimes both .. “.

“Many doctors saw the high rates of disability and asked whether they were still justified in fighting to save the lives of babies born at the limits of viability,” says Costeloe. 







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